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In this candid interview, Jeffrey Seders, an insurance broker based in California, relates why he has partnered with Professional Prospecting Systems for 6 years to help grow his insurance business!

Q: How long have you been working with Professional Prospecting Systems?

More and more B2B companies are outsourcing the job of setting appointments. Instead of having their sales reps make cold calls and fill their own schedule, they outsource to a B2B Appointment Setting specialist firm.

You may have heard the axiom that “content is king.” If you have, you most likely heard it in the context of building an audience for a web site or to get attendees for an event. Most business people would not think about the importance of content in the context of getting on the phone to generate appointments and sales leads.

 Content is important for outbound marketing activities and if you plan to invest in outbound marketing, you better have some good content.

New Data – That we already knew

I wrote a blog post a couple of months ago about Face to Face Appointments vs. Phone Appointments and made the case that you are better off going for a Phone Appointment first.

We knew this from the experience of doing over 1,500 projects in the past 13 years. Recently I came across some third party validation so you do not have to take our word for it.

B2b Lead Generation and Appointment Setting means winning at the top of the sales funnel.

Winning at the top of the sales funnel means coordinating people, systems and content to get your story into the minds of your prospect audience so they are persuaded to have a conversation with you (an appointment.)

In the majority of cases, about 90% of the time, when a b2b company hires Professional Prospecting Systems, they are looking for more b2b appointments or qualified leads.

Over the past 14 years we have developed a systematic approach to setting up and running a b2b appointment setting and lead generation program that incorporates 3 Elements :

If you are not familiar with “Lead Nurturing” it is the business process of setting up a system to maintain contact with potential customers with information offers to educate prospects about your product or service. This is a very basic definition.

In a sense, Lead Nurturing is not new. If you were a sales rep in decades past, you may  have had a sales manager that insisted that you setup a “tickler file” and stay in contact with your sales prospects over time.


I get hundreds of calls every year from salespeople trying to book an appointment with me.  You have probably been one of them.


It may surprise you to learn this, but some salespeople do actually succeed in booking an appointment with me.

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Appointment Setting Secret #2: Make it painless

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Here is the picture that comes into my head when I receive a call from  a salesperson trying to book an appointment with me. I see myself sitting at my desk going through the obligatory ‘rapport building.  Then I see myself suffering through a sales pitch that goes on a lot longer than it is supposed to. Then I know I will have to fend off The Close and pry the sales rep out  of the chair and push them out the door.


Previously I told you that if you want to get an appointment with me you have to tell me what you are going to do for me without telling me how you are going to do it. And then you tell me you only need 5 minutes of my time for the appointment so I feel the process is going to be relatively painless.