More and more B2B companies are outsourcing the job of setting appointments. Instead of having their sales reps make cold calls and fill their own schedule, they outsource to a B2B Appointment Setting specialist firm.

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You may have heard the axiom that “content is king.” If you have, you most likely heard it in the context of building an audience for a web site or to get attendees for an event. Most business people would not think about the importance of content in the context of getting on the phone to generate appointments and sales leads.

 Content is important for outbound marketing activities and if you plan to invest in outbound marketing, you better have some good content.

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B2b Lead Generation and Appointment Setting means winning at the top of the sales funnel.

Winning at the top of the sales funnel means coordinating people, systems and content to get your story into the minds of your prospect audience so they are persuaded to have a conversation with you (an appointment.)

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In the majority of cases, about 90% of the time, when a b2b company hires Professional Prospecting Systems, they are looking for more b2b appointments or qualified leads.

Over the past 14 years we have developed a systematic approach to setting up and running a b2b appointment setting and lead generation program that incorporates 3 Elements :

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Joe Prospect is a composite of how a typical prospect looks at the world and how they react to our marketing efforts.  Even though every prospect is unique in some ways—all of our prospects regardless of what business we are in, share many common characteristics. Dear Joe is an advice column written by your prospect to help you better understand them.

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