Event / Webinar Registration Telemarketing

Combine Telemarketing and Email to Fill Your Event

How do you contact your b2b prospects to tell them about your upcoming events or webinars? Calling or emailing is effective if done properly – but can you do both, and how can you track your results?


Professional Prospecting Systems is unique because we combine emailing with telemarketing allowing us to nurture those prospects and follow-up to increase attendance. And our customized online tools provide real-time reporting so you can track your attendees and ensure a qualified audience at your event or webinar.


Our telemarketers are experienced across many market sectors, most with a tenure of 10+ years. We have represented clients from a variety of industries including utility companies, finance, medical and technology-based corporations. And because of this vast range of industries, we have the ability to create your message and integrate it into your telemarketing script and emails. You don’t have to pay extra to an outside marketing company – PPS provides an all-encompassing service to you.


By utilizing Professional Prospecting Systems for your event or webinar registration you will find that:

  • Your attendance will dramatically increase – by as much as 50%
  • Your costs associated with bringing in attendees can be reduced by up to 75%
  • You'll save time by registering more attendees in a shorter time frame

Contact us to learn more about how to successfully contact and attain qualified attendees for your event or webinar. After all, you've worked hard to plan this event, let's get you a full-house!