Appointment Setting Telemarketing

Laser Focused B2B Prospecting

Nearly every business, whether it’s a one-person company or an international mega-corporation has a business process challenge at the top of the sales funnel. You will win or lose the sales game at the top of the sales funnel. It’s that simple.


As a practical matter this often means setting up a business-to-business appointment setting program to get more b2b appointments. With all of the appointment setting services available, how do you chose the right company to do your telemarketing appointment setting? Professional Prospecting Systems has been providing B2b Appointments and IT Appointment Setting services since 1997 and we have developed a model for creating and conducting appointment setting programs that is proven to work.

Our service is called E-Telemarketing & Lead Nurturing. It encompasses a systematic way to coordinate the People, Systems, and Content to accomplish the task of winning the sales game at the top of sales funnel, by getting more b2b appointments than just doing cold calling alone. The cold call is not dead, but we think it needs some help.

For many businesses it simply makes sense to outsource b2b appointment setting to an appointment setting service because we can do it better than you can do it in-house and for less money. Telemarketing and Appointment Setting is a business process. If you are going to select a partner to manage this business process for you, then you want to choose an appointment setting service that has deep experience and a proven track record. When you attend one of our webinars, you will be shown exactly how we solve the problem with an effective and well-thought-out system that enables you to get more b2b appointments and sales leads.



Elements of E-Telemarketing & Lead Nurturing Appointment Setting Service:

  • People –You get experienced writers and creative content development staff for scripts, emails and videos. Our Salesforce Certified Developer will do your technical work and you get an experienced calling team to run your project. Our appointment setters average over 8 years of experience, and are assigned to appointment setting projects based on their industry experience.
  • Systems – Your project is managed and maintained in Your calling team has a workflow that they follow in Salesforce that maximizes their efficiency and results. You get access to reports to see in real-time how your appointment setting program is progressing. And your email marketing program is done for you and is used to maximize appointment setting and lead generation results.
  • Content – More than just a good calling script (and we have a specific way of developing effective b2b appointment setting scripts to get more b2b appointments) it’s also email content that the callers send as they make calls and emails that are sent to prospects as we build your list. In addition to scripts and emails, we also often create animated b2b lead generation videos that can make a huge impact on your telemarketing and appointment setting results.


We’ve given you some basic information about the PPS b2b telemarketing appointment setting service. To really see what our program is all about and why PPS has such a good reputation, you need to attend our webinar and see how we do it. Register today! There are four webinars every week.